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Wearing a Cashawl™ IS an attitude! - Doris A. Guffey - Designer
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Click here to see how to wear a Greta...Greta like in Garbo...it's another attitude serving three different uses!

It's one big piece of polyester fabric with two armholes.

Its' what Maude would have worn on Golden Girls!

While on a cruise, people wear it as a bathrobe over a little nightgown, then as a swimsuit cover up. Then you wear it over your travel knits as an attitude! 

It's a very flowing, draping addition to your wardrobe!

I tie the corner thru the armhole using a SMALL knot, ending with the tip up.  While holding the armhole with one hand, slide up the knot to the top of your shoulder with your other hand. Now tighten the knot so it won't slide down. Tuck in the back neckline, so if you have a hot flash it doesn't stick to the back of your neck.  Lastly, tuck in the front creating a rounded neckline. This adds softness to your face.

Wearing a Greta is fun and a pure attitude!   You will smile all the while you wear it!

Greta's are available is some silks at an additional cost.

Click here to learn "How to Wear"...

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